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Don't own VR? Despite the caveats -- you should still buy a Quest 2

If you don't own VR and are itching to jump in, the Quest 2 should be your headset of choice, despite the caveats. (Image courtesy of Oculus) DISCLAIMER: This article is a follow-up to the guide I published on starting your VR journey using my candid experiences as a baseline. This article is intended to explain to the dissent why despite the caveats and concerns, VR is currently and wholeheartedly an experience you should be dying to have. This article reflects my experience and opinions at the time of writing and I reserve the option to change my opinions at any time. This article is not sponsored or endorsed by Facebook, Oculus, Valve, HP or any other third-party.

I fell in love with VR. It's time you do too -- here's how

After years of waiting, it's finally time for dedicated gamers to start adopting VR. Here's a guide on how to best experience it. A lovely photograph taken by my lovely wife. VR has been in mainstream consumer development for the better of a decade. Rumors and concerns about VR have been around for just as long -- but as a core gamer who has had the past few months to experience VR in my own home, I firmly believe that is time that those able to get into VR. How is VR any different from normal gaming? Is it worth it? VR is an experience like no other I've had with traditional video games. Every sight is more grand and every action more meaningful. If one allows themselves to be immersed into VR, hours can fade away into a new worlds. My first reaction was of pure awe that melted into giddy joy. I couldn't believe what I was seeing -- and after months of enjoying the best VR titles on offer, I can confidently say that the feeling you get from VR is not a symptom of novel