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Cyberpunk 2077: A Victim of Expectation

How gaming’s newest big release has garnered disappointment beyond its bugs In the year 2005, Will Wright (of The Sims fame) stepped onto the stage at GDC and proceeded to give a thirty-five-minute presentation that would change games and games marketing forever . Wright’s legendary presentation and the one he gave at the following GDC (the one where Robin Williams made a Spore creature) promised a realistic but enjoyable evolution and sci-fi simulation game. Players would begin unicellular and climb the evolutionary ladder from water-dwelling to land-dwelling to tribal and so on up to space-faring.  A frame from  Spore 's 2005 GDC presentation shows the cut ocean-dwelling stage In these presentations, Spore was claimed to have a Maya-like creature editor, procedural animations, randomly generated planets and ecosystems, advanced game systems, a massive galaxy and more. Wright even touted the game’s potential use as an educational tool in the classroom. He also claimed it was t