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4 Spoiler-Free Tips for Elden Ring Newcomers, from a Souls Veteran

After a wait that totals nearly a thousand days, the release of Elden Ring is almost upon us. To those who have been paying close attention to FromSoftware and the Souls series ( Demon's Souls , Dark Souls and its sequels, Bloodborne , Sekiro and Elden Ring ) for a while now, Elden Ring is shaping up to be director Hidetaka Miyazaki's biggest game yet. Trailers released by publisher BANDAI NAMCO as well as footage from the Closed Network Test hosted early last month suggest that Elden Ring may be in fact Miyazaki's magnum opus. Elements from all previous games in the FromSoftware Souls library have seemingly been fused . The sky-high expectations of many veterans, for the time being, look likely to be met. In addition to those who have been waiting for this game long before its announcement, Elden Ring has brought newcomers to the series in droves. According to Steam's popular wishlist chart , Elden Ring is the most-wished-for game currently and outlets have re